Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Qt Mobility: new APIs for mobile devices

As a result of Nokia's commitment to extend Qt Framework to more and more platforms, specially mobile devices and telephones, they released a new set of APIs called Qt Mobility.

The Qt Mobility framework is comprised as a set of several API for different domains, as you can see:

  • Bearer Management API
  • Contacts API
  • Location API
  • Messaging API
  • Multimedia API
  • Publish and Subscribe API
  • Service Framework
  • System Information API
  • Sensors API
  • Versit API
The latest technology preview is the second update to the API, with some of them adapted to be also relevant to the desktop environment.

I plan to take a deeper look at the Location API since my involvement with GPS and moving maps in the recent years. Keep in touch for a new post regarding this specific subset regarding location, maps and navigation.

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