Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New name and domain (again)

Nokia has just changed the name and domain for Qt, once more.

Originally Trolltech (and, they changed that into Qt Software (and after Nokia acquired Trolltech and they anounced a new change yesterday. Qt Software is now Qt Development Frameworks and the new domain is

I hope this is the last change. It's not good for us going changing e-mail address and links so frequently.

Don't do that! you have been warned...

It turned out that for some project running on Windows, the client asked for statically linking the C runtime (for some reasons I'm not going to disclose) both for Qt and for the application we were developing.

Although this way of build Qt is explicitly regretted by Qt Software (see here), we went that way anyhow. Everything went OK except that we found a memory issue when working in debug mode.

It turned out that some strange is surfacing when using stylesheets (in this case, via a .qss file embedded in the resource file).

So far we found no solution to this. Reverting to dynamically linking Qt means having to distribute and install the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package which is not an option now. And if we statically link Qt (this way no .dlls) that we have proven indeed solved the problem, we cannot do that because of the restrictions of the LGPL license we chose for using Qt within this project.